domenica, novembre 13, 2016


Do you know anyone out there who has never had an occasion to dress for? 
Maybe it's impossible. And who doesn't love getting done for the wedding of a friend or a night out? We are girls... this is the kind of our world. I recently found a world in which you can get lost : dresses for every taste and every style, coat, tops and many things else.
You can choose between thousands patterns, woven, range of prices and amazing pieces.
I don't think you won't love one of their evening dresses, an echo of Valentino Haute Couture with little prices. 
If you would always be keep up to date, you can also go head their Blog, where you can find the latest trends and some amazing tips!
Currenty there are flash sales on the site and free shipping over 60$. So, what are you waiting? Hurry up and go get try one of their clothes proposal!

Here you can find what stole my heart :


Embroidered Short Sleeve Girly Evening Dress

          Pink Silk Embroidered Evening Dress   


   Black Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket


          Lace Long Sleeve Vintage Mini Dress

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