sabato, dicembre 20, 2014

Zara sweater and boyfriend jeans

Ubicazione: Locri RC, Italia

Hey guys how are you? I apologize for not blogging with more perseverance but I don't have enough time in this last period... Christmas is

venerdì, dicembre 12, 2014

Obsession of the month : Faux fur

Ubicazione: Locri RC, Italia

Hey guys, how are you? For me this is a stressful week because I have to run from a place to another to handle lots of things... I am also behind with school and I absolutely need to study. But I want to speak you about something is currently obsessing me : the faux fur. I simple love them! Don't you think is

martedì, dicembre 09, 2014

Olivia Palermo's

Ubicazione: Locri RC, Italia

While I was giving a look on Pinterest for some outfit inspirations I saw this Olivia Palermo picture and I matched an outfit

lunedì, dicembre 01, 2014

White denim and Dr. Martens

Ubicazione: Locri RC, Italia
white denim and dr. martens

Hopefully we had a sunny day so we shoot these photos and would you says they have been made with a 10 mp Canon camera?? I went for a two-tone