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Zaza bottles - The Kickstarter campaign

 How to keep yourself hydrated wherever you are, with style.

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Have you ever heard about Zaza bottles? Maybe no, and it was the same for me until a bit of time ago. I knew about this amazing project by liking a picture on Instagram. Right you are asking : " What are Zaza bottles?!". Well, they are the firsts ecological, reusable and costumizable bottles in the world. Ecology is one of the most important things for me, and that's why I got through to Zuzana Cabejskova, founder of the brand name ZAZA. I congratulated with her for investing her energies in an ecological business and asking her an interview so you'll know better this project. The bottles are made from a plant-based material which means less oils and are heat resistant, so you can bring with you tea or coffee and can be washed in the dishwasher. Everything in the design has been studied to make its use the easiest possible in the way you'll have an ergonomic and easy to open bottle, without the nightmare of lost liquids in your bag. The best part? You can change the look of the bottles in an instant matching it with your mood or your clothes, looking always unique in your personality.

Well, let's start the interview.

Marica : Zuzana, how did you and your team start this business?

Zuzana : I've always wanted to contribute to sustainable development and inspire other people to change their habbits for the better.
I started an NGO called Czech the Tap in 2010: we promoted tap water in Czech restaurants and households. Our blind/tasting experiments revealed that 80% of people can't tell the difference between the taste of tap water and bottled water!
This activism was great fun! But during my master studies in the Netherlands, I realized that we need to make tap water more sexy if people are to like it.
That's when the concept of a plant-based and customizable water bottle was born. ZAZA then won the Czech national startup award in November 2013, which was a great motivation to continue. I've worked with several people since then before finally settling with my current great teammate Lucia. It's full time work for the both of us because only proper devotion can lead to proper results.

M : That sounds great! Why did your interest take the direction of tap water? Why did you choose it instead of something else in the ecological field?

Z : That's an interesting question. I guess I chose tap water because I felt that bottled water is just ridiculous and it seemed to me as the most obvious example of wasteful consumerism. At the same time I know that if we as a society aren't able to decide for tap water than we'll hardly ever be able to make larger behavioural changes. I mean tap water is of better quality and costs less so it objectively possesses almost all the advantages for daily hydration. So if we're not able to make the right decision in such a straight-forward case, how could we ever proceed to more complicated discussions like eating less meat or using planes less?

M : You're right, I totally agree with you, such inspiring words. In my opinion if we want to help our planet we have to "take the field" in first person and not waiting other people doing it for us or postpone things. Well, what will be your further steps?

Z : Exactly, that's right what you say. The next huge step is succeeding on Kickstarter: we need to raise almost €80 000 in order to start manufacturing in the Czech Republic. Kickstarter is the world's largest crowdfunding platform and we'd like to attract the attention of its users by offering a really nice and cool product :) We have 5 renowned artists creating limited Kickstarter editionsZAZA Bottles will carry their original art! 
If all goes well, we'll ship the first bottles before Christmas. Our promise is that half of the profit from ZAZA will go into the construction on public drinking fountains. So 2016 shall be about new exciting bottle designs and accessories but also about the development of innovative and modern fountains!

M : How do you think people will respond to this amazing project? What do you hope for it?

Z : I hope everyone will want to buy a ZAZA of their own, hehe :)) At least I hope they will stop buying bottled water.

M : I have a last personal curiosity. Why did you choose the name ZAZA for your brand?

Z : Hehe that's a personal one. When I was a little girl, me and my brother had the kindest and loveliest babysitter in the world. I'd always felt I owe her a lot for who I am as a person and how nice my childhood was. So when she had her first child I knew he was going to be like a brother to me. He's so smart, cute, and gentle! As he grew and started speaking, he would call me Zaza because he couldn't pronounce my name. And since babies and kids are the real and most motivating reason to care about a better future and I love this little one so much, it was an easy choice.

M : Zuzana, thank you so much for your time and your openness, I hope your project will have positive feedbacks and that you reach your goals. Good luck!

Z : Thank you to you Marica for your love and your help with my mission. My best wish for you is to achieve the best from life, good luck with your blog! 

Do you to help Zuzana with her mission too? Visit the site for further information. You can buy a bottle by clicking here. Zuzana and our planet will thank everyone who decide to support this project :)

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  1. Thank you, Marica! It's been great to talk to you, you're a lovely lady!

    1. You had been the sweetest person I talked with! It has been a pleasure to spread this amazing idea :*